Commercial Services

Young Plumbing and Heating Co. is an open shop mechanical contractor working harmoniously with architects, engineers, general and specialty contractors regardless of their affiliation with a bargaining unit. The company’s greatest assets are our experienced employees who are dedicated and skilled mechanics well qualified and trained for total mechanical construction. Our manpower pool of approximately 100 employees gives us the opportunity and ability to respond favorably to any shopconstruction schedule. Our John Deere excavation equipment run by experienced operators along with our certified and experienced welders and our sheet-metal fabrication shop which processes over 400,000 pounds of customized metal each year are all essential parts of our total mechanical contracting operation. All of our field staff are office trained and versed in OSHA requirements and have completed the 10 hour safety course. Most of our jobs have historically been acquired through the bidding process. Currently, however, a larger percentage of work is being negotiated through the design-build process. This not only insures a competitive price, but also allows for value engineering a higher quality product with concerns for long-term operational and maintenance costs for the owner. Young Plumbing and Heating Co. has full engineering and design capabilities to enhance architectural services and to help fast track the design and construction of the project. We believe the sooner the project can go from concept to completion saves the owner money and worries.

Our company offers 24 hour service in plumbing and HVAC trouble calls with a radio operated fleet of well-stocked trucks and trained technicians.

We are listed in the DE JOURNAL NEWS REPORTS Top 200 largest mechanical contractors in the United States from 1976 to 1992. We are currently listed in the ENGINEERING NEWS – RECORD list of the top 600 specialty contractors in the United States from 1993 to present.